Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, also known as Internet telephony, delivers voice traffic using an Internet connection. At RIMCOM, we provide exceptional VoIP services to small and medium-sized companies to make business communication better and easier.

As one of the leading VoIP service providers, RIMCOM offers a monthly flat rate for complete internet and telecommunication solutions. Additionally, we meet all of your telecommunication challenges by assisting with design, analysis and management of the voice systems.

We can help you migrate to a single network, carrying both voice and data plans (a process called convergence), if it benefits your firm. Furthermore, convergence reduces an office’s network cabling cost to almost half that of an average traditional phone system!

Ultimately, our VoIP services for businesses bring many other cost savings to new firms or those relocating to a different office space.

So, let us set up your new VoIP phone system. You can also switch from a current provider to VoIP from RIMCOM.


1. Reduced cost

The initial setup and ongoing costs are generally less for operating a VoIP system than a more traditional phone system. As VoIP works off your internet connection, there is no need for a traditional phone line.  In some cases we can drop your phone and internet bill by up to 50%.

2. Improved Accessibility

Distance or location makes no difference to a VoIP system. As long as you both have an internet connection, communication is possible from anywhere in the world.  You will have multiple connection points.  You can program to ring anywhere and on every device.  Transfer these calls between devices (mobile, IP Phone and Desktop client) seamlessly without customer even noticing.  

3. Extra Features for Lower Price

Traditional phone service has a selection of extra features for which you usually pay more. VoIP comes with a wide selection of extra features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, internal chat, video conference and a host of collaboration tools.

4. Enhanced Communication

VoIP technology allows your staff and clients to hold video conversations, access and exchange data files, and more, while the conversation is ongoing. This allows for more integrated and flexible meetings that can seamlessly include people from multiple office locations throughout the world.

5. Warranty

Your phones and equipment are now under warranty for as long as you stay a customer.  Never worry about paying for a replacement phone, simply create a ticket and a new phone is on it’s way.